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TalkQuintagroup is a place to engage with us on topics important to you concerning the information technology industry. Read blogs from Quintagroup employees, customers, and analysts, visit our forums and let us know what you think. The topics are broad and relevant, including Zope and Plone hosting, Zope and Plone development, Plone skins, web design and content management solutions.

Publication of Tutorial about WYSIWYG Editors

Quintagroup has recently published tutorial Content Creation with Kupu and other WYSIWYG editors on

Quintagroup has recently published tutorial Content Creation with Kupu and other WYSIWYG editors on This tutorial consists of several articles about text editors, that are frequently used in Plone (Kupu, Epoz, and FCK editor), their peculiarities, the way content can be edited with their help.

There is a description of the toolbars and icons in Kupu, of the options available for inserting images with Kupu. One article is an illustration of how to create FAQ page with this WYSIWYG editor. Besides, we tried to throw some light on what ResolveUID is.

This tutorial consists of articles taken from Plone Book for Content Managers. This Plone book has lately been expanded by description of Plone site, we also tried to explain with the help of clear illustration what default Plone page consists of, and which Plone Portlets are available. Two article appeared about how to Add content in Plone and what can be achieved with the help of Display View option.

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Quintagroup Cases

Quintagroup initiated case studies section on website.

We at Quintagroup began to work on creation of a webfolder with description of the sites we have developed. Our Cases - is a place where we describe the way we organized some Plone sites, some features we have implemented into them. Here we also write about Plone configlets, and shortly about the organization, we develop a site for.

For now, the best sample of our work is a case about project.

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qSiloGroup on

First successful implementation of band-new qSiloGroup product.

A new qSiloGroup product developed by Quintagroup was used at Offshore Company website. This product helps to manage navigation titles on the site. Offshore wanted that Quintagroup make it possible to change navigation titles, so that they are different from document titles. That's the task we managed to fulfil - a possibility to create custom navigation titles.

You can find qSiloGroup product description on qSiloGroup page.

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Multilingual Site Development

Multilingual project challenges overview.

Quintagroup has recently faced the task of developing multilingual site. It was the case with Offshore Company. Initially it was created in English, but now out task was to make it multilingual: English-Russian. To fulfil this task we used LinguaPlone product, the tool that help to manage and maintain multilingual content. It was done quite successfully, but still some problem emerged.

Multilingual site can be organized in different ways, what we chose is:
English version was put into the root of the site -
then we create a folder 'ru' - a Russian version of the site -
In 'ru' folder the content was translated but the shortnames remained the same as in English version.

The difficulties that appeared were:

  • when a root Folder was translated with LinguaPlone, the translated version was automatically put into the root. What we had to do was to cut the translated version and to paste it into 'Ru' folder. Than the problem with shortnames emerged. Shortnames were generated automatically on the basis of their titles. And with every Folder, Page and Form mailer this problem remained - we had to rename all the shortnames to make them the same as in the root.
  • when a Page from initially translated folder was translated, it was put into the corresponding translated folder in 'Ru', so the only difficulty with it was to rename the shortname for every page.
  • PloneFormMailers had to be copied, as they failed to be translated at once. That's why we doubled them, and only after that it became possible to translate form mailers.

Meta tags on translated pages were changed with the help of Plone SEO product.

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Plone Book for Content Managers

My first collection of articles on Plone-related topics is now available.

Now that I feel more or less confident about what Plone is and what a person can achieve with its help, I want to share my knowledge with newly-become Content Managers. When I was a greenhorn in this sphere, I was said that the best way for me to get started was to read some Plone books, tutorials, articles, blogs, etc. There is quite a few writings devoted to this management system, but any written piece becomes outdated even quicker than it is published, as the new products appear, old versions are developed and improved. What we in Quintagroup decided to do is to share with you our view on this matter. With writing some blogs and tutorials on the recent issues we want to keep you side by side with what is happening on the "Plone Planet". That is how the idea of writing a Plone Book for Content Managers appeared. This will be a kind of tutorial digest on the most recent issues for novices.

The book we are writing now is at the disposal of anyone who visits TalkQuintagroup site. If there is something you would like to know about the whole Plone, you are welcome.

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TalkQuintagroup Plone Forums

Quintagroup Plone Forums - a place for you to engage with Quintagroup on topics concerning the information technology industry.

Quintagroup started developing a new Quintagroup site -

It's a place to engage with Quintagroup on topics important to the visitors concerning the information technology industry. The visitor can read blogs from QuintaGroup employees, customers, and analysts, visit our forums and let us know what they think. The topics are broad and relevant, including Zope and Plone hosting, Zope and Plone development, Plone skins, web design and content management solutions.

The first steps made was creation of Forums - a discussion boards on the site. For easier navigation we subdivided them into 2 large groups - General ones (where we can hold discussion on some general topics, plone skins development etc.) and Plone Products Forums (to discuss Plone Products developed by Quintagroup).

A visitor can easily subscribe to RSS feeds (created by RSS2Syndication developed by Quintagroup). Suppose you work on FireFox on your PC, to subscribe to RSS you just have to:

  • click on RSS icon with the right button of your mouse, choose Copy Link Location and click on it with the left button of your mouse:
  • now you can add RSS link to your Favourite Feed Reader.

With your new RSS you will always be aware of what is happeneing on our forums.

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About Me, Olha

Some information about who I am.

My name is Olha Pelishok, I'm a 21-year old student from Lviv (Ukraine). At the moment I'm at the fifth year at the Department of Foreign Languages at Lviv Ivan Franko University. Besides, I've just begun to get my second higher education -  this time at the Economic Department. When I was choosing my speciality for the first time, I was sure I wanted to be a teacher of English or a translator, but now I guess it's a bit not enough for me, that's why I applied for the second speciality. I really hope, it'll be useful for me in the future.

Now I work as a content manager at the Quintagroup company, that gives Content Management System Development Services to a wide range of clients.

According to my horoskope sign I'm Gemini, and I can undoubtfully say that I'm a real one. I'm always on run, I can't stay at one place for a very long period of time, I'm just getting bored. I'm always looking for something new: new experience, new acquaintances, new hobbies. I must add that I can't live without sport. I think that a person has to be active to live, we have to improve our physical state or at least maintain one. That's the reason why I attend shaping classes and go for jogging every summer morning. I try to move, walk, swim as much as possible.

I must admit that I'm lazy sometimes, but mostly I hate doing nothing, it makes me feel so useless... Right now, I'm working, studying, giving private classes of English to some pupils. Sometimes it can be tiring, But I know I'll manage to cope with it. I just have to really believe in myself. And I'm doing that successfully!

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