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TalkQuintagroup is a place to engage with us on topics important to you concerning the information technology industry. Read blogs from Quintagroup employees, customers, and analysts, visit our forums and let us know what you think. The topics are broad and relevant, including Zope and Plone hosting, Zope and Plone development, Plone skins, web design and content management solutions.

Screencast: Plone Tabs

This video screencast is about Plone Tabs (quintagroup.plonetabs) Plone add-on from Quintagroup. It covers such topics as Plone Tabs product installation on buildout-based instance; creation and management of site tabs, site actions items, etc.

Plone Tabs (quintagroup.plonetabs) is a user-friendly product for managing portal tabs, site & user action, folder & object buttons within Plone interface without the need to go to ZMI. Plone Tabs also allows to change items order by simply drag-and-drop.

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Screencast: Plone Google Sitemaps

The following screencast covers such topics as Plone Google Sitemaps product installation on buildout-based instance for Plone 3.2 or above; creation of content sitemap type, and its registration in Google Webmaster Tools area.

Plone Google Sitemaps (qPloneGoogleSitemaps) is a Plone add-on for enabling different kinds of Google sitemaps on a Plone website. Such sitemaps help Google to identify site URLs and the data under each site section. With Google Sitemaps enabled, search engines could track the URLs faster and more efficiently, optimizing their search by placing all the information on one page.

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Screencast: Plone Theme Customization - Flow Skin

Video Screencast about Quintagroup Plone Themes customization. It demonstrates flexibility of Flow Plone Theme from Quintagroup - easy replacement of logo, images etc.

The following screencast covers main topics of Quintagroup Plone Themes basic customization: replacement of Plone Skin default logo, site actions, top area text as well as replacement of home page and inner sections images for rotation. Watch this video to learn about flexibility of Plone Themes that Quintagroup offers to the community on the example of Flow Plone Theme.

Quintagroup offers Plone Theme Customization service which is a simple way to personalize your theme to the way you really need. This is a right choice if you want to add some fine-tuning changes for the theme and can not achieve the necessary result by yourself. You can order Plone Theme Customization service together with any of our Premium Themes.

More screencasts from Quintagroup can be found in the Screencasts section.

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Screencast: Plone SEO

One more screencast from Quintagroup about one of our products - Plone Search Engine Optimizer (quintagroup.seoptimizer). This is a Plone add-on that allows to enhance search engine visibility of Plone sites. This video tutorial is about Plone SEO installation, setup, and use.

The following screencast covers such topics as Plone Search Engine Optimizer product installation on buildout-based instance for Plone 3.2 or above; Plone SEO configuration and management issues.

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Screencast: Plone Comments Use Cases

This screencast demonstrates some possible use cases of Plone Comments product - anonymous and registered users commenting. Plone Comments integration with Plone Captchas is also discussed here.

This video tutorial is a second part of a screencast about Plone Comments product.

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Screencast: Plone Comments

This video screencast is about Plone Comments (quintagroup.plonecomments) Plone product developed by Quintagroup for improving site managers and editors experience with standard commenting mechanism in Plone.

The following video tutorial covers such topics as Plone Comments product installation on buildout-based instance for Plone 3.2 or above; Plone Comments management and setup. It also includes one of the possible use cases of using Plone Comments Plone add-on.

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More information about Plone Comments product:

More screencasts from Quintagroup can be found in the Screencasts section.

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Screencast: How to Install Estate Lite Free Plone Theme

Another screencast from Quintagroup on Plone themes installation issues.

This video tutorial covers installation of free Estate Lite Plone Theme from Quintagroup (distributed in a .tgz and .egg file) on traditional (non-buildout-based) Zope instance for Plone 3 in Linux.

You can find written instructions on Plone Skins Installation in How to Install Free Plone Themes on Plone 3 article.

More screencasts from Quintagroup can be found in the Screencasts section.

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Quintagroup Screencast Channel on YouTube

Quintagroup launches a new series of screencasts on Plone Content Management related topics. Our new screencasts will be added to our corporate Quintagroup Channel on YouTube.

This is a place where you can find Quintagroup's Channel. Today we are presenting the first screencast in our channel - How to purchase Plone Theme from Quintagroup. This video tutorial describes the way you can buy Plone Themes developed by Quintagroup from website.

See more Screencasts from Quintagroup in the Screencasts section.

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Quintagroup's new office

Quintagroup team is moving to a brand new office.

It is time to separate! Part of our team - our dear developers team - moves from our good old office into a brand new one! The repairs completed, new furniture is in, everything clean and light - so we move in! We used to be all together at 3 adjacent rooms for more than 3 years. Now that the company grows, and there are more and more of us, our old office became toocramped and too noisy...

So, our brand-new office room. It is located in the same building as the old one, but one stage higher. We're separated now but still close enough. :) Space, glorious space! Big and light room with 10 working places and a cozy kitchen-restroom.

You might have see our new office room, as we celebrated World Plone Day 2009 there. But then, 1 month from now it lacked furniture and green plants; now it is all packed. Everything on its place and everybody at their working desks.

So, thanks to everyone who worked hard so that now we can arrive everyday to this pleasant place!

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Portlet Cumulus for Plone

Quintagroup announces release of a Portlet Cumulus - a tag cloud portlet that rotates tags in 3D using a Flash movie.

Cumulus Portlet (quintagroup.portlet.cumulus) from Quintagroup allows you to add tag cloud portlets to display your site's tags, categories or both using a Flash movie that rotates them in 3D. It works just like a regular tags cloud, but it is more visually exciting. This is the WordPress WP-Cumulus plugin ported to Plone as a portlet.

portlet-culumus.pngWhen you add this portlet anywhere in the site it will display all site's tags. You are free to set cumulus portlet options so that it fits your site design, color scheme etc. Among portlet options you can find:

  • Width and height of the flash tag cloud portlet
  • Smallest and largest tag size
  • You can set main and optionally second color of the tags for creating multi-colored tag cloud; optional highlight color when mouse is over it and background portlet color
  • Possibility to enable transparent or compatibility mode
  • Rotation speed. Remember that clicking the tags might turn to be a little hard, depending on your speed setting :).
P.S. Click on the image on the right to be taken to the page with portlet cumulus demo.

Portlet Cumulus is now on PyPi. Give it a go!

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