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Controlling Controller of KSS Opener

KSS Opener offers several configurable parameters that enables its real-world use. One of the most useful ones is ability to control where controller (small clickable handle) is injected in the page.

In the case you need your opener controller to be inserted into specific place, you can use pair of controllerPlacementSelector parameters:

evt-init-elementSelector: '> dd';
evt-init-controllerPlacementSelector: '> dt';

if the above sample is applied to following HTML code:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Vestibulum
iaculis eros eu purus. Integer accumsan leo id lorem viverra vulputate.
Donec feugiat nunc molestie massa nonummy pulvinar. Proin porta pede
sit amet lectus. Duis leo urna, tempor non, condimentum condimentum,
commodo non, libero. Integer feugiat, pede at.

And the result is:

The whole definition list has opener assigned. Controller (clickable handle) is inserted into <dt> element, not in root of list (that can confuse some browsers). This is why I avoided dl/dt/dd example in my introduction post.

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