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History of KSS Opener

In times of Plone1 there was linear (produced with list of html elements that had different class to represent embedding) Navigation Tree in Plone. We've done several attempts to rewrite it into nested html structures, then to improve tree generator, then to make it dynamic.

In Plone1 the navigation tree, nested structure by its nature and semantics, was rendered into ugly list of <a> tags that had just "navlevelX" class that made it possible for designers to style by some extent.

Then we had proper <ul><li> nested structure that was huge step forward.

Then we had icons eliminated, that is another big step (not perfect yet, complex hover/active styles still makes life of designer hard).

And now we have Plone-3.0 knocking our doors. The most prominent feature everybody will be talking about is Ajax in Plone. Some will be mentioning KSS that made thing happen for complex CMS.

We had some efforts to address each of the items above, but none of them has matured enough to find its way into Plone code-base. And now we are going to address Ajax aspect of navigation tree.

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