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TalkQuintagroup Plone Forums

Quintagroup Plone Forums - a place for you to engage with Quintagroup on topics concerning the information technology industry.

Quintagroup started developing a new Quintagroup site -

It's a place to engage with Quintagroup on topics important to the visitors concerning the information technology industry. The visitor can read blogs from QuintaGroup employees, customers, and analysts, visit our forums and let us know what they think. The topics are broad and relevant, including Zope and Plone hosting, Zope and Plone development, Plone skins, web design and content management solutions.

The first steps made was creation of Forums - a discussion boards on the site. For easier navigation we subdivided them into 2 large groups - General ones (where we can hold discussion on some general topics, plone skins development etc.) and Plone Products Forums (to discuss Plone Products developed by Quintagroup).

A visitor can easily subscribe to RSS feeds (created by RSS2Syndication developed by Quintagroup). Suppose you work on FireFox on your PC, to subscribe to RSS you just have to:

  • click on RSS icon with the right button of your mouse, choose Copy Link Location and click on it with the left button of your mouse:
  • now you can add RSS link to your Favourite Feed Reader.

With your new RSS you will always be aware of what is happeneing on our forums.

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