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Plone Book for Content Managers

My first collection of articles on Plone-related topics is now available.

Now that I feel more or less confident about what Plone is and what a person can achieve with its help, I want to share my knowledge with newly-become Content Managers. When I was a greenhorn in this sphere, I was said that the best way for me to get started was to read some Plone books, tutorials, articles, blogs, etc. There is quite a few writings devoted to this management system, but any written piece becomes outdated even quicker than it is published, as the new products appear, old versions are developed and improved. What we in Quintagroup decided to do is to share with you our view on this matter. With writing some blogs and tutorials on the recent issues we want to keep you side by side with what is happening on the "Plone Planet". That is how the idea of writing a Plone Book for Content Managers appeared. This will be a kind of tutorial digest on the most recent issues for novices.

The book we are writing now is at the disposal of anyone who visits TalkQuintagroup site. If there is something you would like to know about the whole Plone, you are welcome.

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