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Plone Book updates - Kupu 1.4 version released

Updates in Plone Book for Content Managers because of new Kupu release.

Plone Book for Content Managers has recently been updated due to the fact that new stable version of Kupu WYSIWYG editor was released - Kupu 1.4. This new Kupu release is compatible with Plone 3.0.

Kupu 1.4 has the drawer interface substantially changed, with this new drawer interface it became easier to select folders. Clicking on the title of a folder will navigate into the folder rather than selecting it. Kupu now uses radio buttons (or checkboxes for a multi selection drawer) to indicate the selection.

So, what changes have been done?

  • In Insert Tables with Kupu chapter information about paragraph styles was added, namely paragraph styles within tables are now available. Kupu allows setting paragraph styles within table cells. Different paragraph style can be set for every separate table cell. This new feature of Kupu is nicely described here.
  • There is a new anchor drawer which lets you create tables of contents for the current document, or simply link within the document. This renewed drawer is displayed and explained in How to Create FAQ Page with Kupu. What is more, management of anchors is now advanced: Kupu 1.4 allows creating and deleting anchors without directly creating links.
  • Internal and external link drawers also support linking to anchors within the remote documents. Thus, Insert Internal Link chapter has been updated, as well as Insert External Link, that was enlarged with an example about embedding external objects to the page, i.e. some support was added for inserting Flash content.
  • Image captioning now has a customizable template. Kupu insert image properties explains how to configure default image size.
  • Kupu now has a 'Save' button available straight near the rest buttons. More information about this can be found here.
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