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Plone 3.0 release - my impressions

Sharing impressions about long-awaited Plone 3.0 release.

I've recently had a possibility to work with new long-awaited release of Plone - 3.0. It was a great experience I should confess, so many new features, such nice and necessary things that previous releases lacked, just amazing amount of new functionalities. Having read some documentations about Plone 3.0 features, I've tried everything by myself. So, what impressed me the most in this much more productive Plone release...

  • Every text field is clickable, thus - editable, i.e. it became much easier and less time-consuming to make changes. It's pretty nice that I can now click on any part of a document to do a quick update, correct a spelling error or do changes to any field in events items. There is no need now to reload the whole page to make corrections — simply edit it directly by clicking on it.
  • Versioning support - one click on History green tab takes me to the full history of a document edits, as simply as that. Edit notes can be put down after every page edit so that to remind yourself what particularly have been done. Even if no notes were left, there is a nice tool Comparing to other revision that clearly displays all the changes done, in different colors for better orientation. It is possible to revert to an earlier version of the document if needed, just by clicking on the corresponding version. All the old versions are kept together, called "working copies", and can be reached any time. Isn't it amazing? No more numerous undoes!
  • Plone 3.0 comes with a a new portlet architecture, more capable and higher performance portlets engine. There is no need to shift to Zope interface any longer to set any portlets you need. Everything is done simply and easily in Plone interface. This is especially convenient when setting portlets for a particular folder, different from what are there in the parent one. On the left and right side of every page there is a link to Manage portlets page.
  • WYSIWYG editor working here is new version of Kupu - 1.4, that has lots of new features implemented.
  • Plone 3.0 checks links and references, preventing potential link breakage. In case you want to remove any item from the site, Plone checks whether this item has been linked to from somewhere else. If this turns to be a working item, a warning appears, telling that this item is used somewhere, and that items you are attempting to delete may cause links in the site to break. There is even a listing of the documents that will get a broken link. I think that is a great idea to have this feature developed and implemented, getting rid of the risk of having broken links!
  • Sharing permissions have been also changed - now it is easy to control who has access to the content, who can add, edit, view, or review it.

That's probably all I've noticed so far.. I guess working with Plone 3.0 will be a pleasure!

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