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Plone Book for Content Managers - now applies to Plone 3

With the active spread of Plone 3.0 release - Plone book was updated to include information about work in Plone 3.

Plone 3.0 is now actively used by content managers, that is why we tried to update Plone book to their needs. As earlier it dealt with Plone 2.5 and 2.1 issues, now more information was added concerning work in Plone 3.0.

Plone book now has a clear explanations to what Plone versions they apply. It is specified in each article description, e.g. 'This article applies to: Plone 3.0.x, Plone 2.5.x, Plone 2.1.x' or 'This article applies to Kupu 1.4.x'. I hope this will be helpful for those, who consult the book when managing content in Plone.

  • The first chapter Plone Site Description has some new screenshots added to compare Plone 2.x and Plone 3.0.x Personal and Task bars.
  • Plone 2.5.x Smart Folder (Topic) is now called Collection in Plone 3.
  • Navigation Settings were divided and now Navigation portlet can be configured in 'Manage Portlets' -> 'Navigation Portlet', in earlier versions it was possible to do it done in 'Site Setup' -> 'Navigation Settings'.
  • Plone portlets has new way of management, without need to do it through ZMI.
  • Plone footer can be edited in ZMI, but at different location: it moved from plone_skins -> plone_templates to portal_view_customization.
  • Article about Multilingual Plone Site creation - Language setting can now be found at different location as well: if in Plone 2.x everything was at Site Setup -> Language Settings, now they can be reached at ZMI -> portal_languages.
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