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Plone translated into Ukrainian

Plone is now available in Ukrainian thanks to Ukrainian Plone Users Group efforts!

About 2 months ago Ukrainian Plone Users Group (aimed to unite people, interested in Plone Ukrainian community life) decided to take the initiative to complete the translation of Plone into Ukrainian.

There is a Ukrainian translation included into Plone 3.0, but this is rather poor translation with much less than 50% of the translated data. So, we began to translate every line one by one, sometimes correcting the existing variants, sometimes skipping lines to get back to them later.

We tried to do our best in making Plone interface Ukrainian from cover to cover. Even though we are not still 100% sure about translation of some phrases, we believe our translation serves the important tool to those, who use Ukrainian on their sites.

Moreover, we spent much time on translating Kupu Visual Editor interface into Ukrainian as well. Leaving Kupu interface non-translated seemed too big gab, since Kupu is used by most Plone-users.

Now Ukrainian translation of Plone is committed to SVN and we hope to see it included in the coming Plone releases.

Another thing worth mentioning here is the beginning of Ukrainian Plone community project - Plone Ukraine. This is the first site, on which we actively use our translation. This website is a result of our long work in the sphere of localization of Plone CMS for Ukrainian market. Plone Ukraine - is a place for members of Plone community to share their thoughts, achievements and popularize Plone CMS within Ukraine. We also hope to collect all the news of Plone activity in Ukraine here. We will try to make our site as useful to its users as possible! All the content that appears on site is written exclusively in Ukrainian. We believe that with the help of this web site more Ukrainian companies will get interested in Plone powerful solutions.

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