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Quintagroup's new office

Quintagroup team is moving to a brand new office.

It is time to separate! Part of our team - our dear developers team - moves from our good old office into a brand new one! The repairs completed, new furniture is in, everything clean and light - so we move in! We used to be all together at 3 adjacent rooms for more than 3 years. Now that the company grows, and there are more and more of us, our old office became toocramped and too noisy...

So, our brand-new office room. It is located in the same building as the old one, but one stage higher. We're separated now but still close enough. :) Space, glorious space! Big and light room with 10 working places and a cozy kitchen-restroom.

You might have see our new office room, as we celebrated World Plone Day 2009 there. But then, 1 month from now it lacked furniture and green plants; now it is all packed. Everything on its place and everybody at their working desks.

So, thanks to everyone who worked hard so that now we can arrive everyday to this pleasant place!

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