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Plone Community on Facebook

Short overview of Plone community presence on Facebook.

Social media are becoming more and more popular for businesses to share their ideas and communicate with the existing and reach prospective customers. Content management systems like Plone are not the exception. They are trying to be presented in most social media and consider this as an important marketing campaigning tool

Such social network as Facebook can serve a good tool for engaging with more people. Plone presence on a world's favourite social media helps making conversations between existing and prospective Plone members much easier and closer.

We at Quintagroup have recently created 2 pages representing Quintagroup and Plone Themes we develop for Plone sites. The reason for creating such pages is to get people more engaged and motivated in taking part in conversations about Plone. You are welcomed to become our fan today and help us spread Plone.

There are a lot of other pages and groups on Facebook, devoted to uniting fans of Plone and people around it. You can join any group that is of interest for you. I've tried to roughly divide Plone groups on Facebook into the following categories:

Plone Users Groups
Members of different Plone users groups create their own Facebook groups to unite and get more communication between the members. These are such groups as Plone Italian User Group, Plone Indonesia User GroupBoston Plone Users Group, New York Plone Users Group, Plone Ukrainian Users Group, Grupo de Usuarios de Plone en México etc.
Plone Events
There are usually special groups created for occasions such as Plone Conferences, Symposiums or World Plone Days: Plone Conference 2009 Budapest, European Plone Symposium 2009, European Plone Symposium 2010, Plone Symposium East, Plone Symposium South America, and World Plone Day.
Plone Providers
Plone providers also try to find their place on Facebook by creating pages/public profiles for sharing ideas, business and products with Facebook users. See pages of such popular Plone providers as: Groundwire (former ONE/Northwest), Redomino, Abstract, Pilot Systems, Six Feet Up, Zea Partners and Quintagroup.
You can also find groups according to your special interest in Plone. There is a group for Plone 3.0 user group and for Plone Developers. Insterested in Plone Tune-up events? Join Plone Tune-Up Rallies group and you are there. Even girls in Plone have their own PloneChix group.

As you can see there is a place for everyone! So, don't step aside but join us and help us enlarge the Plone community today.

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