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New Theme for Companies Incorporated

Companies Incorporated official website moved to the brand-new modern theme.

Quintagroup has recently finished migration of Companies Incorporated official website to the new theme. Visit website to see the new outstanding design featuring:

  • Companies Incorporated front page has a special block developed to be displayed under site global navigation. This block contains person's photo and personal data (this is one of random sets that changes with every page refresh). There is also a text of different styles added with a guarantee label at the bottom.
  • Site home page main content area is subdivided into several sections, it is organized as a composite page with the help of CompositePack product.
  • Above-footer set of portlets was added, including 3 static text portlets. This is a right column of portlets displayed under the content area. These portlets can be managed as usual portlets in Plone. See three bottom portlets on all site inner pages.
  • Contact form block was added to site subsections (e.g. Incorporate section), containing a form, created with PloneFormMailer product. The form was nicely designed to be subdivided into 2 columns. Form description is context-sensitive (compare Incorporate and Limited Liability Company sections). Each site section can have different text  displayed as form description.
  • Companies Incorporated is a multilingual website, containing content in English ans Spanish languages. Drop-down menu that allow to shift between two languages is available on all site inner pages.
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