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Quintagroup theme on plone4lib website

Estate Lite Plone theme used on a new Plone community website.

Quintagroup is proud to know that one of our Plone Themes was used for the new Plone online project - plone4lib. Plone4lib is an online community site for libraries and librarians using Plone open-source content management system. The goal of this project is to share information and ideas about using Plone in libraries. So, all types of librarians/libraries using or interested in Plone are welcomed to get involved in Plone4Lib.

Estate Lite Plone theme, that is one of the newest free Quintagroup themes, was used as a basis for plone4lib website. Even though the site still lacks its own logo, Estate Lite theme seems to be a nice choice for this website.

We are very glad that our theme was selected among the wide range of other Plone Skins!

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