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Analytics Tool for Plone

New product that allows to see Plone site statistic information, presented in few content statistic views of Plone content workflow states, ownership and portlets registered on different contexts.

Quintagroup Analytics for PloneQuintagroup Analytics Tool allows to see Plone site content from different perspectives. Presenting site's statistic information in different statistic views, allows to visually audit Plone content.

Information generated by Quintagroup Analytics can be very useful while migrating your site into newer Plone version. With its help you can audit the content in Plone site before migration and compare it with the migrated website structure. is now compatible with Plone 4 and Plone 3. But we plan to test it on Plone 2.5 and Plone 2.1 soon: you may expect a new product release for earlier Plone versions in the nearest future.

How to Use

You can install on your Plone 4 or Plone 3 instance by adding to the buildout (see detailed installation instructions). Having activated Quintagroup Analytics via QuickInstaller in Plone you will see a new Quintagroup Analytics item appeared under Add-on Products Configuarion.

Quintagroup Analytics configlet consists of several tabs that present different statistics about your Plone site. Every chart is followed by a table, presenting all statistic data in numbers:

So, what statistics can you have by using Quintagroup Analytics?

    Quintagroup Analytics Tool for Plone in Use
  • Content Ownership by Type - information about most popular content types on your Plone site. Here you can see the most frequently created content types on your site and their owners.
  • Content Ownership by State - information about your site's content workflow states. Here you can see how many content object are published/submitted for review/etc. and their owners.
  • Content Types by State - information about your site's most frequently created content types and their workflow states.
  • Site Portlets and Legacy Portlets - information about site portlets (legacy portlets) assigned throughout site sections. This information can be exported into .csv format. Apart from having all site portlets listed in one place, you can immediately edit them.
  • Properties Stats - information on certain property values for all site objects, such as titles, descriptions, etc. This information can be exported into .csv format.

Try it!

Visit the following pages to find more information about features, usage and installation:

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