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Plone Demo

Launching new Plone 4.1 Demo site.

Plone DemoQuintagroup has recently launched a new version of our Plone Demo website, where you can see and feel Plone CMS at first hand.

Admin demo account can be used to log in and, thus, get the experience of a true Plone user. You will be able to add content by creating pages, folders, events; move content between site sections; manage workflow for every content item by publishing or making it private; and much more.

Plone Add-ons

Apart from out-of-the-box Plone features, you can try several Plone add-ons in work. These are:

  • PloneFormGen, a tool for creating/managing online forms
  • Plone Carousel, a tool for creating image carousel in Plone
  • collective.embedly, a tool for embedding video, images and other rich media files via providing their URL
  • ContentWellPortlets, a tool for adding portlets into places other than left and right columns
  • Plone Drop Down Menu, a tool for creating multi-level navigation menus
  • Plone SEO, a tool for editing meta tags to enhance search engines visibility of Plone sites

Plone Themes

Plone demo site also has Quintagroup diazo themes for Plone installed. There are 15 themes right now, they are all very different and include a bunch of theme-specific features. You can try any of the installed Plone themes right now by following the instructions on Plone Themes page. Enjoy Plone new look!

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