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Drop-down Menu for Plone

New quintagroup.dropdownmenu package from Quintagroup allows building multilevel drop-down menus on Plone 4 sites.

Quintagroup is pleased to announce a new quintagroup.dropdownmenu add-on for building drop-down menus on Plone sites. With quintagroup.dropdownmenu your Plone navigation tabs can become multilevel menu items.


quintagroup.dropdownmenu is a successor of qPloneDropDownMenu product, but we took different concept of creating menus as a basis for our new package. Starting from Plone 3, when portal_actions introduced CMF Action Category containers, an opportunity to build nested actions trees was opened.

While developing our new product we decided to use that portal_actions feature. Thus, quintagroup.dropdownmenu builds drop-down menu through the web from a tree of nested Category Actions and Actions within portal_actions tool. Since CMF Action Category does not behave as a regular action and it has different set of properties, we introduced convention in quintagroup.dropdownmenu that requires to have a specially named Action for each Actions Category.


Apart from building drop-down menu on the basis of portal_action items, quintagroup.dropdownmenu allows to generate it on the basis of site structure. This is governed by settings in the Drop Down Menu configlet. There you can also define whether:

  • Turn on/off tabs icons display. If you enable this feature your drop-down menu will have the following look:
    quintagroup.dropdownmenu icons on
  • Turn on/off non-folderish objects display - here you can specify whether to display non-folderish menu items (such as pages, images, files, etc.) or not;
  • Turn on/off navigation & portal_actions strategy - here you can specify if drop-down menu will be built on the basis of Plone site structure, on portal_action items, or on both;
  • Drop-down menu depth - here you can specify how many levels folders to list after the top level.

Give it a try

quintagroup.dropdownmenu is compatible with Plone 4 and Plone 3. It is distributed as a Python egg and can easily be installed into your buildout as other packages for Plone.

Visit the following pages to find more information about quintagroup.dropdownmenu features, usage and installation:

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