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Plone Products from Quintagroup: new for this month

May 2010 was a pretty productive in Quintagroup in terms of updating some of our existing Plone products and launching completely new ones. Here is a short overview of the most important things that were done.


To begin with I would like to announce that one of our most widely used products - quintagroup.seoptimizer is now upgraded to work with Plone 4. Its 4.0 version doesn't bring any new functionality but allows to use it on Plone 4 - based sites.


Another popular product quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps has gone through a number of updates and its 1.3 version, released on June 01, comes with several new features for New Sitemaps. News Sitemap created by a new 1.3 version of  quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps is now generated according to the new News Google Sitemaps specifications.

There are some specific meta tags (such as  <n:access>, <n:genres>, <n:stock_tickers>, etc.), required by new Google Sitemaps standard, that are not available in Plone's default NewsItem content type. That is why starting from 1.3 version quintagroup.plonegooglesitemap brings special additional configuration menu to NewsItems for defining NewsSitemap-specific meta tags.

News Item Googlesitemaps

Such additional configuration menu is added only to News Item content type by default quintagroup.plonegooglesitemap settings since News Sitemap is expected to include News Items only. But if needed, this configuration menu can be added to other content types (if you plan to include them into the News Sitemap). See instruction for making this on News Google Sitemaps documentation area.

Please note: Starting from this release to install quintagroup.plonegooglesitempas you will have to to add 'quintagroup.plonegooglesotemaps-overrides' line to your buildout's ZCML area. See detailed Installation Instructions.

Together with quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps 1.3 version, we released 0.7 version of quintagroup.canonicalpath. So, please consider updating these two packages.


collective.referencedatagridfield - is a completely new package, that is a mix of Reference and DataGrid fields for Plone. It allows to add external sources (as well as internal) as related items to Plone's objects. Custom titles can be set to the related items instead of their real titles. Also it allows to easily change related items order.


The package's aim is to help Plone developers to extend default Plone Reference field functionality or override existing Reference field functionality with a custom one. It does not bring this functionality to the Plone content types, but allows Plone developers to do that simply by following the example content type creation.

More about collective.referencedatagridfield

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