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Plone Captchas package

New release for Quintagroup Plone Captchas package: improvements and changes

The Captchas products story started back in 2006 with qPloneCaptchas Plone product which supported Plone versions 2.0.x, 2.1.x and 2.5.x. Later it was refactored into quintagroup.plonecaptchas package which supported 3.0.x-3.3.x Plone versions.

Starting from the Plone Captchas 3.0 release quintagroup.plonecaptchas goes though another refactoring: captcha support for the standard Plone forms is staying in quintagroup.plonecaptchas while captchas core rendering and validation functionality are factored into quintagroup.captcha.core package.


This package adds captcha to Plone's standard forms: Send this, Contact Us, Add Comment and Reply. If you are using our quintagroup.plonecaptchas you can update it to the new 3.0 version by rerunning your buildout and reinstalling quintagroup.plonecaptchas product.

Captcha on Plone's Registration Form

By the default settings quintagroup.plonecaptchas adds captcha to all standard Plone forms but for Registration form. If you need to protect Plone's join form on your website you can do it via Zope Management Interface. Please have a look at the illustrated step-by-step how-to at quintagroup.plonecaptchas documentation area.


quintagroup.captcha.core - is a core package of simple captcha implementation that includes core rendering and validation functionality. This package allows to configure captcha images displayed on your site. Please see the documentation about how to use this product and change captcha look.

Coming soon...

In the nearest future we're planning to release 3 more captcha-support products for Plone. These will be captcha integration for z3cform and formlib forms for Plone. Besides, we're working on transforming our qPloneCaptchasField product to the package. Subscribe to Quintagroup's RSS Feed to be among the first to know about our new products.

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