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Portlet Cumulus for Plone

Quintagroup announces release of a Portlet Cumulus - a tag cloud portlet that rotates tags in 3D using a Flash movie.

Cumulus Portlet (quintagroup.portlet.cumulus) from Quintagroup allows you to add tag cloud portlets to display your site's tags, categories or both using a Flash movie that rotates them in 3D. It works just like a regular tags cloud, but it is more visually exciting. This is the WordPress WP-Cumulus plugin ported to Plone as a portlet.

portlet-culumus.pngWhen you add this portlet anywhere in the site it will display all site's tags. You are free to set cumulus portlet options so that it fits your site design, color scheme etc. Among portlet options you can find:

  • Width and height of the flash tag cloud portlet
  • Smallest and largest tag size
  • You can set main and optionally second color of the tags for creating multi-colored tag cloud; optional highlight color when mouse is over it and background portlet color
  • Possibility to enable transparent or compatibility mode
  • Rotation speed. Remember that clicking the tags might turn to be a little hard, depending on your speed setting :).
P.S. Click on the image on the right to be taken to the page with portlet cumulus demo.

Portlet Cumulus is now on PyPi. Give it a go!

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