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Recent Quintagroup Products releases

Overview of the latest Quintagroup Plone products releases (January - March 2009).

Quintagroup has recently prepared and released some new products for Plone 3. These products are eggified to be used on instances that use buildout.

Moreover, old-style Quintagroup products have been actively transformed to the new buildout-based standards for the last months. Since the beginning of this year 2009, we have managed to release the following products in their new form: all eggified to be used on buildout-based instances: quintagroup.plonetabs (0.5 alpha) and quintagroup.seoptimizer (2.0.2 release).

All products mentioned above are available for download form PyPi website.

Besides, we still support traditional way of installing Plone products, that's why we also prepared releases of the following products for Plone 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2.

To stay informed about Quintagroup new product releases - subscribe to our rss2-icon.png Plone Products RSS feed.


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