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News from Quintagroup Plone Products Releases

Overview of the recent Plone products releases by Quintagroup (March - April 2009).

Ping Tool

Ping Tool (quintagroup.pingtool) was modernized and is now available as an eggified package for Plone 3 series. See release 1.1.3 which has adapters, utilities, uninstall configlet, modified tests, and integration with Outbound Syndication (Vice) added.

quintagroup.pingtool package is based on formerly known qPingTool product.

Plone SEO

quintagroup.seotimizer package had more releases issued - 2.0.4 and 2.0.5. New releases include some improvements ans modernization of SEOptimizer product from Quintagroup. Adding of a new feature is worth mentioning here which is canonical URL, useful for search engine marketing purposes.

Theme 3 Template

quintagroup.themetemplate - is a brand new package from Quintagroup. This is an enhanced "Plone 3 Theme" template from Zopeskel.

This package includes addcontent local command, which allows to extend base Plone theme by additional elements, such as: skin layers, portlets, viewlets, css and js resources, and objects in zexp files. This package is an analogue of Archetype template in terms of its functionality.

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