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Become Responsive with Plone Themes

Find out more about the benefits of Quintagroup's recently released free responsive themes for Plone 4.2 - SunRain and Schools!

The tendency towards building user-friendly and facilitating technologies is booming, with new methods and strategies appearing with the speed of light. We want all possible life conveniences to be at our disposal twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Internet is not a happy exception. As well as mobile phones - everyone would anyway admit that these two inventions made our lives much easier. Internet available on your cell phone - another benefit, while responsive view of your website when browsed on a mobile device - the following step towards enhancing the quality of our hasty twenty-first-century lifestyle. With responsive themes you can not only benefit from purely technical aspects of surfing the net from your mobile, but also from the aesthetic and functional ones.

Want to make your website easy to browse on a mobile device and engage more visitors? You are on the right way - not only does Quintagroup suggest responsive Plone themes, but we also can offer two of our responsive themes for free - SunRain and Schools. It means one more benefit on behalf of Quintagroup - there are not so many free responsive Plone themes, while using our design services enables you to download and implement them to your mobile website.

Apart from the usual functionality, design customization and bright palette of colors, you can stop bothering about usability of the mobile version of your website. Responsive themes enable your website to widen the list of visitors by engaging users browsing the net more and more often on their mobile devices.

Responsive approach to our themes is based on CSS3 media queries that help easily switch between different layouts in order to accommodate for different screen sizes. You won’t have to wait while your mobile device is ‘thinking’ over loading your website that was primarily designed for desktop browsing, you won’t have to zoom it to see some tiny icons or buttons (because, for example, primarily they were designed for desktop browsing). Responsive themes ensure accessibility of your content and simple mobile-oriented navigation.

So, ‘fresh up’ your website with responsive Plone themes and make it more appealing to your users.

SunRain Responsive Theme

Functional and interesting design of the free SunRain Plone Theme created by Quintagroup with two different views depending on your taste and needs - Sun and Rain - is now also available for mobile devices. Click on the screenshot to find out more about its key characteristics.

SunRain Responsive Theme

Got interested and want to download? Follow this way:

Schools Responsive Theme

Adaptable and functional free Plone Theme designed by Quintagroup team has now become responsive. Click on the screenshot to find out more about its key characteristics:

Schools Responsive Theme

Got interested and want to download? Follow this way:

Quintagroup Plone Themes - SunRain and Schools Cases

If you want to see how our SunRain and Schools themes can be implemented in practice, you may browse the following websites and check presently available solutions:

Give It A Try!

You may also go to and kill two birds with one stone - not only does it give you an opportunity to try working with Plone, but also deal with the themes themselves. Follow the instructions to log in as Plone administartor, then go to the ‘ploneadmin’ dropdown menu in the right upper corner, choose ‘Site Setup’ button, find ‘Diazo theme’ icon under ‘Plone Configuration’ settings and choose the theme you’re interested in. This will help you make up your mind quicker and prompt you to contact us for further details.

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