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New release of Plone SEO

New 3.0 version of quintagroup.seoptimizer released. Multiple improvements, cleanup and fixed performance issues.

We’ve just released a new version of Quintagroup Search Engine Optimization Tool - quintagroup.seoptimizer 3.0 for Plone 3. This release comes with multiple improvements: it was re-factored and simplified for users.

We decided rewrite seo configlet using standard Plone configlet approach. SEO configlet was divided into 2 parts: base and advanced (see images below). So, all settings that used to be listed on one page before are now split for clearer and easier use.

Plone SEO base Plone SEO advanced

Also, several features available in previous Plone SEO releases were dropped in 3.0 version:

  • Global keywords functionality is no longer available - no more settings to control keywords behaviour.

  • Additional keywords field used to for content types to receive additional keywords from the ones manually-specified was also dropped in this release.

Apart from cleaned-up code, rebuilt translation, and updated tests, quintagroup.seoptimizer 3.0 has significant performance issues fixes. Also, all metatags lists moved into htmlhead viewletmanager. More information about new Plone SEO release available in Plone SEO 3.0 Change Log.

Also, consider visiting Plone SEO Documentation area for detailed information about quintagroup.seoptimizer configuration.

If you are using quintagroup.seoptimizer for yours projects please update it. We would be glad to get your feedback about our work and particularly about Quintagroup Search Engine Optimization Tool. Leave a testimonial for us to know that you use and like our product. If you have any suggestions about future product development - don't hesitate to share your ideas.

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