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SunRain Theme for Plone 4

One of our most popular free themes SunRain Plone Theme has recently been upgraded to Plone 4.

SunRain theme is a free theme, initially developed for Plone 3, but now can be activated on Plone 4.0 sites.


The theme includes 2 different views: default 'Rain' and 'Sun' (can be activated via ZMI) - click the following screenshots to see full-screen images.

SunRain Plone Theme SunRain Plone Theme

Additional Portlets

Theme comes with Static Stylish portlet, that allows to add specially-styled text portlets: 'Green Item' and 'Grey Item'. Apart from setting portlet background color, such portlets has portlet text of different size. This allows creating portlets with important information which will easily be noticed by site users. Static Stylish portlets also include special styling for portlet links.

The theme is tested with Portlet Cumulus that allows adding Tag Cloud portlet to Plone site.

Other features

SunRain theme has 'subscribe' viewlet integrated, that adds 4 actions 'Share on Twitter', 'Share on Facebook', 'Send this' and 'Subscribe to RSS'. You can set necessary icon links as simply as editing corresponding portal_action items in ZMI. You are also able to hide/show items that you need.

SunRain Theme uses customizable slogan and replaceable logo.

Want SunRain theme?

You can freely install and customize SunRain Plone Theme on your Plone 4 instance right away. Simply add quintagroup.theme.sunrain to eggs and zcml sections of your buildout.cfg file, rebuild it, restart your Plone site, and activate the theme via Site setup -> Add-ons.

SunRain on TalkQuintagroup

We decided to use SunRain theme on a new version of our corporate blogging site - TalkQuintagroup, that has just migrated from Plone 2.5.1 to Plone 4.0.7. The theme suits perfectly our blogging purposes because it has special blog and blog listing views styled for collective.blogstar and Products.Quills.

We would be very grateful if you inform us about Plone site(s) that use our SunRain Theme, so that we add it to the list of live websites with Quintagroup Plone Themes.

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