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Live Plone Themes Slideshows

Launching of a slideshow series, representing live websites with Quintagroup Plone Themes installed.

Quintagroup has been monitoring the way our Plone skins and themes are used. We tried to collect live websites that use our free or premium skins, both on web and intranet projects. Inspection of the websites, we've managed to find so far, gave us a possibility to see how customers use our skins, sometimes leaving them in their original state, sometimes changing them drastically, making it impossible to recognize our skin at first sight.

As we gathered more and more such sites, we decided to make slideshows, displaying different realizations of our themes in one place. We created a separate slideshow for every Plone theme, each one displaying live websites with certain Plone skin installed.

Have a look at Live Plone Themes page, that include links to all the slideshows we've created on Picasa: Chameleon, Brio, Schools, Flow, WhiteBlack, Lite, Business4, and Coral Live Plone Theme Slideshows.

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