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World Plone Day 2010 in Lviv, Ukraine

Yesterday it was the third World Plone Day. Here is a brief overview of its celebration held by Quintagroup team.

Quintagroup organized a half-day event with 4 talks for current and potential members of Ukrainian Plone Users Group.

The first one to present his report was Serhiy Valchuk who talked about New Features of Plone 4. He mainly concentrated on functional and UI improvements that Plone 4th version brings: new items in Plone Control Panel, Image Handling options, TinyMCE visual editor overview and new features in portlets management.
Serhiy Valchuk

Then Olha Pelishok presented her Overview of Calendaring add-ons for Plone. She provided many screenshots and illustrative examples of the following products usage on Plone 3 websites: CalendarX, Plone4Artists Calendar, zopyx.multieventcalendar, and vs.event.
Olha Pelishok

After that Ihor Berehuliak started his Search Engines Optimization of Plone sites report. He spoke a lot about peculiarities of SEO for Plone sites. Ihor described main reasons that have influence on search results and how to improve Plone site SE crawling with default Plone tools and with the help of quintagroup.seoptimizer, quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps, quintagroup.canonicalpath and Redirection Tool add-ons. A big part of presentation was devoted to work with Google Webmaster Tools and robots.txt in standard Plone site. Also, Ihor made some suggestions about what is needed to be improved in Plone in terms of SEO
Ihor Berehuliak

The last one to present his ideas was Myroslav Opyr, whose speech was particularly interesting for Quintagroup's developers team. Myroslav talked about automating of development process, testing and Plone sites administering: Continuous Integration, Bitten, Code Review, Fabric, RSS/Jabber, etc.
Myroslav Opyr

Photos from World Plone Day 2010 in Lviv are available at

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