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Collective.clipboardupload is a simple Python package that makes the process of inserting images into visual editor easier without the need to upload the image.

Collective.clipboardupload is a Python package that is developed to simplify the process of inserting images into visual editor in the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
Since drag-and-drop image inserting will be possible by default only in Plone 5, collective.clipboardupload provides minimal functionality to make work with images in TinyMCE easier in earlier Plone versions. Collective.clipboardupload allows to spend less time on uploading, saving and rendering the image and use advanced Clipboard functions.

After you have installed the product, you can select:

  • printscreen,
  • area of image, opened in, for example, Paint,
  • drag and drop picture from local folder,

and copy it to the clipboard. Switch to Plone TinyMCE and Paste using your browser menu Edit -> Paste or key combination. The picture will be automatically uploaded to the same folder, which contains an edited page, and stored as an image content type. Title is automatically generated and can be changed any time. Furthermore, the path to the image itself upon saving in TinyMCE is rendered as resolveUID link.

See also screencast that helps to use collective.clipboardupload product for Plone. See video tutorial on how to easily add and manipulate images.

Helpful Links

Collective.clipboardupload is compatible with Plone 4.+ and Mozilla Firefox web browser. This package is easily installed, since it is distributed as a Python egg and can easily be installed into buildout.cfg file. To get more information visit the following pages:

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