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Forum name Conversations Most recent comment
General Here you can write on any topic related to Plone open source content management system. 10
by Paulina Romero
April 29. 2010
Plone Sites Here you can share the description of your site to Plone community. 0 No conversations started
Plone Skins It allows to change standart Plone skin to the one developed by Quintagroup 12
by gus
October 06. 2012

Plone Products

Forum name Conversations Most recent comment
collective.embedly Plone package that provides TinyMCE visual editor support for service, it allows to insert videos, images and other rich media files to Plone from different services, such as YouTube,, etc. 1
by Jeanie Schwenk
February 21. 2012 Statistic information about Plone site presented in few content stats views of Plone content workflow states, ownership and portlets registered on different contexts. 0 No conversations started
Plone Comments quintagroup.plonecomments is a Plone product developed developed to improve the site managers and editors experience with standard commenting mechanism in Plone. 38
by Juergen WImmer
November 06. 2012
quintagroup.catalogupdater quintagroup.catalogupdater is a package for controlled ZCatalog object updating. It is intended for extending ZCatalog API with possibility to update selected columns only. This package registers 'catalog_updater' utility for that. 0 No conversations started
Plone Ping Tool quintagroup.pingtool is a simple tool to enable pinging of external feed aggregators (currently Plone Ping Tool is used with Plone Blog). 1
by Quintagroup Support
January 15. 2007
Plone Captchas Plone Captchas is a simple captchas implementation for Plone, designed for validation human input in insecure forms. Quintagroup's captchas products for Plone include: quintagroup.plonecaptchas, quintagroup.captcha.core, quintagroup.pfg.captcha, quintagroup.formlib.captcha, and quintagroup.z3cform.captcha. 21
by Eggert Ehmke
January 09. 2012
Content Migration 1
by Ihor Berehulyak
March 28. 2011
quintagroup.transmogrifier quintagroup.transmogrifier is a Plone package that includes Plone blueprints for collective.transmogrifier pipelines that can be used to export/import Plone site content. This package also overrides GenericSetup ``Content`` step so this package can be used out-the-box to migrate site content. 2
by Russ Ingram
November 16. 2011
Plone SEO Package for Plone that allows per document editing of META tags (HTML Title, meta description, meta keywords, meta robots tags, etc.), thus enhancing search engine visibility of Plone sites. 10
by markcorum
May 25. 2011
Plone Tabs Plone Tabs (quintagroup.plonetabs) is a user-friendly product for managing the tabs on the Plone site without the need to go to ZMI. 4
by Vitaliy Podoba
July 24. 2008
Plone Drop Down Menu quintagroup.dropdownmenu allows to build multilevel portal drop-down menu based on portal content structure or manually set menu items via nested portal_actions categories inside portal_tab category. Its older version, qPloneDropDownMenu, allows to create search-engine friendly multilevel drop-down menus in Plone via HTML code. 35
by Ronnie Stevens
May 29. 2012
Plone Google Sitemaps quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps package helps Plone websites get better visibility for Google search engine by providing it with complete listing of URLs to website content. Includes content, news, and mobile Sitemaps. 10
by John Abdulla
June 14. 2012


Forum name Conversations Most recent comment
qRSS2Syndication qRSS2Syndication is a product designed by Quintagroup to generate RSS2 feeds in Plone sites. qRSS2Syndication includes support of audio and video feeds. qRSS2Syndication allows the syndication of ATAudio objects, mp3, wmv, ppt, jpg files using RSS 2.0 with enclosures. 4
by engagemedia
October 25. 2007
Pone SMS Plone SMS bundle provides the tool and sample content type. Solution allows Plone sites to send SMSes via XIAM gateways of Cellular operators directly to cellphones. Product is tested to work with XIAM gatway of O2 cellphone provider. Plone SMS was developed for Dublin Institute of Technology. 1
by sriram reddy
April 10. 2010
Plone Skin Dump Plone Skin Dump (qPloneSkinDump) allows to create Plone product based on some ZMI located skin folder (eg "custom") from portal_skins. So you can easy create Plone product with skin based on folder with customized styles and page templates. 2
by Andriy Mylenkyy
June 27. 2007
Plone Google Maps Plone Google Maps (qPloneGoogleMaps) is a Google Maps view product for the Plone content management system which enables integration of Google Maps into Plone sites. 18
by Vitaliy Podoba
July 24. 2009
Plone Blog Plone Blog based on SimpleBlog product. It is enhanced with ping abilities, RSS2 support altogether with audio and video enclosures, TrackBacks. 7
by Volodymyr Cherepanyak
February 05. 2009
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