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Plone Drop Down Menu

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quintagroup.dropdownmenu allows to build multilevel portal drop-down menu based on portal content structure or manually set menu items via nested portal_actions categories inside portal_tab category. Its older version, qPloneDropDownMenu, allows to create search-engine friendly multilevel drop-down menus in Plone via HTML code.
Conversation Replies Most recent comment
Dropdown with multilevel runs outside screen by Ronnie Stevens No replies yet by Ronnie Stevens May 29. 2012
Problem installing it in Plone4.1.3 by Jose No replies yet by Jose March 08. 2012
qDropDownMenu quickinstaller issues by Deb Dvorak 2 by marr September 02. 2011
Word wrapping in Dropdown by Brandon Flowers 3 by Brandon Flowers April 18. 2011
Dropdownmenu not working on IE6 by Martin 3 by waldru April 11. 2011
schools theme 4.1 breaks dropdownmenu by axiom7 2 by Ihor Berehulyak April 04. 2011
Integrate quintagroup dropdownmenu with quintagroup themes by axiom7 No replies yet by axiom7 April 01. 2011
running buildout with eggs = quintagroup.dropdownmenu by axiom7 1 by axiom7 March 25. 2011
How to add actions to menu items by Kjell Meisal 1 by Olha Pelishok December 07. 2010
Error message while activating dropdownmenu by Nique Sanders 1 by Volodymyr Cherepanyak December 02. 2010
Uninstall Plone Drop Down Menu by Christian Schmitt 2 by Christian Schmitt November 15. 2010
Dropdown issues with Google Chrome by Mark Underwood 2 by Mark Underwood July 15. 2010
Search engine friendly by Sandy Reid 1 by Ihor Berehulyak May 11. 2010
qPloneDropDownMenu with Sunrain plone theme by Thitima Suttha No replies yet by Thitima Suttha May 10. 2010
LinguaPlone compatibility? by Enzo Cesanelli 2 by groloran March 30. 2010
Does Plone Drop Down Menu work with german umlauts? by overac 3 by overac June 05. 2009
Installing on Plone 3.2.2 by Giorgio Pieretti 4 by Giorgio Pieretti June 05. 2009
qPloneDropDownMenu broken by Holger Herweg 2 by Vitaliy Podoba April 03. 2007
Installing under Plone 2.5.1 by Krys Dudek 1 by Krys Dudek January 07. 2007
Using images with Drop Down Menu by Dana Rawding 1 by Vitaliy Podoba July 24. 2009
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