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Collective.clipboardupload is a simple Python package that makes the process of inserting images into visual editor easier without the need to upload the image.
qSiloGroup on
First successful implementation of band-new qSiloGroup product.
Plone Products from Quintagroup: new for this month
May 2010 was a pretty productive in Quintagroup in terms of updating some of our existing Plone products and launching completely new ones. Here is a short ...
New Screencast: Plone Google Sitemaps
This screencast is about quintagroup.plonegooglesitemaps product for Plone. It covers such topics as Plone Google Sitemaps package installation on ...
Embedly Services for Plone
Meet collective.embedly package that provides TinyMCE visual editor support for service in Plone.
Screencast: Plone Captchas
This video tutorial is about Plone Captchas (quintagroup.plonecaptchas) Plone add-on from Quintagroup. It covers such topics as Plone Captchas product ...
Plone Captchas package
New release for Quintagroup Plone Captchas package: improvements and changes
Screencast: Plone SEO
One more screencast from Quintagroup about one of our products - Plone Search Engine Optimizer (quintagroup.seoptimizer). This is a Plone add-on that allows to ...
Screencast: Plone Tabs
This video screencast is about Plone Tabs (quintagroup.plonetabs) Plone add-on from Quintagroup. It covers such topics as Plone Tabs product installation on ...
Analytics Tool for Plone
New product that allows to see Plone site statistic information, presented in few content statistic views of Plone content workflow states, ownership and ...
Drop-down Menu for Plone
New quintagroup.dropdownmenu package from Quintagroup allows building multilevel drop-down menus on Plone 4 sites.
News from Quintagroup Plone Products Releases
Overview of the recent Plone products releases by Quintagroup (March - April 2009).
Recent Quintagroup Products releases
Overview of the latest Quintagroup Plone products releases (January - March 2009).
New release of Plone SEO
New 3.0 version of quintagroup.seoptimizer released. Multiple improvements, cleanup and fixed performance issues.
Screencast: Plone Google Sitemaps
The following screencast covers such topics as Plone Google Sitemaps product installation on buildout-based instance for Plone 3.2 or above; creation of ...
Plone 4 gets social: Short review of the Plone products that help to integrate social networks
Short review of the Plone add-ons that integrate social media websites into Plone 4 websites is a Thomas Desvenain’s Plone add-on that can contain contact information for different content types: ...